it’s not just professional athletes that take part, but many connoisseurs of the sport of running who want to “upgrade” and try to conquer the route along the 42.195 kilometers. Usually, the effect of the addition of this sport is to make those who have completed the race 10 kilometers -for example, and then add achievements to a half marathon in the next. that Pattern continues, until at one point, the runner feels ready to run further in the marathon race.

However, whether the calculation is indeed simple as that.

1, the Time of preparation

the Time of preparation

According to the youth born 14 April 1982, the time of preparation is the first thing that must be considered.

the Decision to do the marathon can’t be done suddenly.

” the Preparation is carried out at least 12 weeks before the race for a beginner. Or, for that has already been at least eight weeks,” said Gugi to on Thursday (29/8/2019).

2. Fixtures

for the Sake of comfort during the race, planning a fixture marathon should already be completed at least three weeks before the contest.

“Already planned the fixtures what to wear, and make sure no swap equipment last minute,” he said.

“Especially shoes, because it takes two weeks minimum (adjustment) to the new shoes that can fit with our feet,” said Gugi.

3. Diet

Began to tidy up the diet, related to the intake while running and the intake after running.

“Avoid too oily and spicy food to avoid digestive problems,” said the man who had twice completed the run ultramarathon, Titi Ultramarathon 100 miles and Run to Care Ultramarathon 150 kilometers, this is.

4. Weight training

Run a marathon as far as 42.195 kilometers is a run that requires endurance, muscles, and the work of the heart also lungs.

“Then start practicing lifting weights functional in order to strengthen the muscles,” he said.

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5. Exercises core and flexibility

Two types of this exercise, according to Gugi, will greatly help performance when running remotely.

muscle Strength is necessary to endure throughout the race, similarly with the flexibility to keep joints and the authorities remain supple and protected from injury.

6. Consistent

Consistency is a part no less important in preparing themselves for the race.

Notice and did a training program carefully. “When you need to find references to exercises from the internet, or you can recruit a coach,” he said.

7. On race day

On race day, get up no later than two hours before the gun start.

“I choose a bath before the race to acclimation to temperature in the location of the race,” he said.

“Breakfast is light but solid. Don’t forget to ‘back’ first, because of the bother really if mules-mules pas run,” said Gugi.

8. Come 30 minutes earlier

Come to the start line 30 minutes before gun start. “Stretching and warming up, focus your mind on the race, but don’t forget to still enjoy the race,” said he.