Although the baby still looks weak, it turns out there are some simple exercises to train the strength of his muscles, you know. This simple exercise can Moms do at home to build muscle the baby is strong. sports for this baby can be started since the baby was over one month. Although initially somewhat difficult, Moms can be the best personal trainer for your little one. Then, a simple exercise that can make the muscles of the baby is stronger?

Tummy Time

Tummy Time

the Baby spends most of his time with on your back. Give it time on his stomach making the muscles in the neck, shoulders, arms, back and the stomach is trained. The start of the first session of the exercise for 3-5 minutes. After laying the abdomen of the little one to the top of the blanket or pad gently other, my mom will accompany your little one with the on his stomach beside her. Entertain the little one so she can feel comfortable and happy to do tummy time.

At first, babies do tend to be fussy while doing tummy time, but with a routine of simple exercises that make the muscles of the baby is this strong, the little one will start to enjoy it. Do this exercise gradually at least 20 minutes every day. Do continuously until the baby can already roll over from the supine into a prone position and vice versa independently.

Sit-up Baby Learn to Sit

Train the baby to sit very well help strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, arms, and back. Although the Moms who helped her to get up, the muscles of the baby will naturally be pliable for trying to keep his head balanced with the body. Very good for the health of the baby, sit-ups for the baby are also beneficial to train the balance of the body.

Put down the hands of the Moms in the bottom of the head to his back, hold his arm using one hand and pull the body of the little one slowly toward the chest Moms. Moms should only be doing sit-ups for a baby after the age of at least 6 weeks. After the position is close enough to the Moms, slowly keep a balance to restore the body to its original position. First mom keeps doing this simple exercise for the little one, eventually, the baby becomes increasingly trained to be able to rise from the bed position to the sitting perfect.


Are Moms already know how to help overcome flatulence in babies with the movement of pedaling? How to is also a powerful way to help strengthen the muscles of the hips, legs, knees as well as stomach, you know. Especially train the flexibility of member movement. How to do the exercises is also very easy, Moms just need to lift the legs of the little one with a position like pedaling a bicycle while he was on his back. Move slowly as the legs are pedaling a bicycle real. Do 3-5 times per session, take a break and repeat again for a baby shows the expression of the enjoy movements.

Lift Weights

Train the ability to grasp the baby with the exercise lifting weights is a technique that is highly recommended by pediatricians. This simple exercise usually performed on a baby by the age of 3-4 months. When gripping the toy baby, automatically the muscles in the shoulders, hands, and arms are getting trained. Try to attract baby’s attention use a toy to his liking, at the time of such toys is already taken Moms can lure him to put back the toy. At the same time, pull back the attention of the little one using the other toys that he would pick up the toy. Moms can train the baby to do it slowly in the first exercise, but on the day of the motion the baby can be trained to be faster.