a Race to eat spicy food may be familiar, how about a race to eat chili? Some countries never held a race to eat chili super spicy. There is a term used for fans of spicy food, namely ‘pyro-gurmaniac’. Pyro means fire or spicy while gourmaniac are people who love to enjoy the suffering through the food. That is an enthusiast of hot and spicy feel delicious when devoured the spicy food although know will be tormented.

For the spicy food enthusiast, of course, feel challenged when there is an eating contest chili. Quoted from Thrillist (8/9) some countries recorded once held a contest to eat chili. Isn’t chili always, this race involves chili-chili super spicy in the world.

1. The auditions eat a chili pepper Carolina Reaper

The auditions eat a chili pepper Carolina Reaper

the Carolina reaper is a type of chili pepper the hottest pepper in the world, pepper ranks the first. You can imagine how the spiciness of the chili dainty even as it could blow up this month. this Competition was held on the Clifton Chilli Club, which is located in the Uk. This competition was held on stages that participants must pass through a strict selection process before finally able to join the competition eat hot chiliĀ in the world. Participants must qualify first in the selection of eating jalapeno peppers, chili’s dragon, and chili habanero before they can enjoy a chili pepper Carolina reaper. In the final round, participants should be devoured two grains of chili pepper the Carolina reaper. People who succeed spend this chili has the right to bring a trophy as well as cash.

2. auditions to eat chili the Dragon King

this Race was held in 2013 in India and now become a race that is held every year. The type of chili is used as the competition chili Naga King which has a level of spicy to 1.5 million SHU. Although the level of spiciness in the under the Carolina Reaper but still this chili super spicy.

the participants who are interested to join have to spend as much chili this time in 20 seconds. Although high-risk, this race is always attractive to many people. The winners of the eating contest chili will be rewarded cash $600 (Usd 8.4 million). A few years ago, there are participants who managed to spend 12 grains of pepper before finally he was unconscious.

3. auditions to eat chili Mexican local

eating Contest this one does not involve the hottest chili in the world but chili local origin Mexico. The race is held in the Hatch Valley during the festival of the chili, which was held around the community.

Participants who are interested in joining this competition should confront a lot of gobble up hot peppers in the specified time. Chili local origin of this Mexican can’t be underestimated because it feels like a bite. Oiya about the prize, the winner of the race will receive a gift bag of chili. Interested?

4. auditions to eat chili for a marathon

Chili is eaten at this festival involves chili local origin Calabria, Italy. Chili peppers are eaten this kind of chili peperoncino served with bread and olive oil. the Rules of the race is also unique because it did not require participants to eat in large quantities. On the contrary, participants have to withstand spicy. The winner is selected based on the participants that most feel strongly resist spicy. Continuously, the winner of this competition was achieved by Franesco Vecchio.

5. auditions to eat chili while enjoying a refreshing dip water pepper

In China, there is a unique race that challenging adrenaline. Here participants should not only like to eat spicy food but should have a strong body from exposure to spicy chili. How come? Yes, race to eat chili, this requires the participants to eat chili at once while enjoying a refreshing dip in a pool filled with thousands of chili pepper. In the year 2018, the participants woman named Yi Huan managed to win the contest by eating 20 hot peppers in one minute. His body is also strong to withstand spiciness water chili