Almost 80% of men crave for abdominal sixpack but for some people, they do not have the patterns and the workout schedule is good, so some people find it difficult to make a schedule to exercise and keep the healthy body or the dream of her heart. For those of you who want to get a sixpack easily and want to know how to trim the fat into energy during exercise? read the post of mine below.



Bike Sit Ups, for some people the sit-up is a thing that is often heard during exercise,but the sit-ups that you may know to train your abdominal muscles only 1 or maybe only 2 variations of exercises to train the belly, here I will introduce you to the exercises of sit-ups can trim the fat into energy. the way to practice it is quite easy, you simply lie down and lean your back on the floor,then a hand clenched on the head,and your feet move like pedaling a bicycle, try as you perform this exercise your body remains in a straight position and keep your feet not move to the right side or the left. do in 3 sets and 1setnya 12-15x.


Fly Sit Ups,workout variation is good to train the abdominal muscles under your exercise is enough to make the stomach contract,but exercise is very important for you who want to shrink or trim your distended stomach, the way to do it is lay in a state of straight and relax, then hand in face down in a position reversed as in the picture then the legs bent and d swing to the front as in the picture, doing it over and over in 3 sets and 1 set of 10-12x.


the Flying Dumbell, one of the exercises of the abdominal muscles side is enough to help you to trim the fat,how to put it into practice is the foot in the bend as the left image then a straight handhold a dumbbell and swing to the right and to the left ,when you swing the dumbbell foot stand and back in its original position, do it repeatedly and try to keep your distance swing the dumbbell with your knees, do it in 3 sets and 1 set of 8-12x.


Dumbell Side,exercise is the next variation in shaping the abdominal muscles side you this exercise is one of exercises and variations such as the flying dumbbell, although its function is the same the variations of its different and will help train the side abdominal muscles you a more optimal way to practice it is to stand upright and position feet in the open parallel to your shoulder,then the hand holding the dumbbell in a state of straight, then lower the dumbbell you like in the picture to the right, then drag your body to the original position as in the left image. Do in 3 sets and 1 set to 12x.


Spiderman Push Ups, even though the context of its function is to train the chest muscles, but exercises this spiderman can have 2 muscle function in practice,namely your abdominal muscles and chest muscles,these exercises are quite tiring if you are trying variations of this,but believe me this exercise can make your stomach will be toned and give more functionality right at the point of your stomach and your to do this position right agency for you and give the distance your hands wide with your shoulders as in the top picture,then keep your butt aligned with your body,then when down the legs are pulled almost touch the elbow of your hand. Do it repeatedly and every count, the legs in turns, after the right leg in the pushup count, second on the left, and so in 4 sets and 1 set of 12-15 Times.