To You that it’s been months in preparation, must have been can’t wait with the event of this run. , it couldn’t hurt to be more diligent practice. Know that running a marathon, if done right, can bring a number of benefits to the body. Running is one of the cardio exercises. You know, cardio is the type of sport that is good for the health of the heart. In addition to running, other sports that include cardio, including running, swimming, cycling, and aerobics.

Running can be divided into two kinds, i.e. run with the benchmark distance and the run to benchmark the speed. On the activities of the race, there is usually a category of running distance of 5 km, 10 km, 21 km, and 42 km. Running a marathon is one type of long-distance running (42 km), and this includes strenuous exercise. Not necessarily runner a distance of 5 km, 10 km, or 21 km can do a marathon. Preparation to run a marathon is different from the ordinary run. Marathon runner in addition to should exercise routinely, they also have to maintain your diet. Regular exercise will improve endurance (endurance) so that it can travel long distances.

If done right, running a marathon can provide numerous benefits to the body, such as:

Burn calories the entire body


1. Burn calories the entire body

Running a marathon makes your body more active and burn calories throughout the body. Therefore, running a marathon is one way that can be done to lose weight.

2. Form the body

Running is a sport that makes almost all the muscles of the bodywork. No wonder when running a marathon can shape the body, especially the muscles, become more toned so that the body looks slimmer. Just try to pay attention to the athletes of the marathon, surely his body is formed!

3. Means socialize

running Activity can indeed be done alone. However, there are also many activities run done together with family or friends, for example, the Jakarta Marathon 2018. By following a running event, You can meet with friends lovers run the other so this is a good opportunity to socialize. Know, right, that socializing can make people a long life?

4. Improve the mood

When You exercise, the body will release the hormone endorphins. Hormones endorphins are hormones that cause feelings of happiness. After the marathon was over, the stress that You feel can evaporate, replaced by a feeling of happy and even confident.

5. Increase the body’s ability

You know, running a marathon requires the exercise routine and quite heavy. The exercise begins from a distance a little far away as 5 km and gradually. This means You train the body to increase the limit of its ability of slowly until it reaches the desired distance.

6. Train the heart

the Run will strengthen the heart muscle so that blood circulation – especially the clean blood that is rich in oxygen to the whole body to be smooth. However, running a marathon conducted with highly enforced precisely can be harmful to the health of the heart. Therefore, before running a marathon you should prepare yourself properly. Exercise regularly and health tests before committing to run a marathon is very important.