For some people train back shape or backs and wings, of course, they would want to have back shape like the above picture because of the back shape is one part of the body behind that helps someone look more muscular and have a body width, as well as the time, wore a suit when out of the house, someone must want to be the center of attention for women, especially women it is a person that you desire. Well, in this blog I will give you several variations and how to exercise back shape correct to help you have a back shape that width.



Lat Pull Down is one of the few variations that I will share on the post I this time, these exercises are quite easy but this exercise is enough to load the muscles back you toned for those of you who want to try out this exercise. how to put into practice his body upright and chest swelling, relax the right agency for you then pull the stick as in the image above, try your back does not slouch and remain on your path, the view straight ahead. try set the pattern of breathing as you pull. do 4 sets and 1 set of his 12x.


Underhand Cable Pull Down is a variation next to train back your data is still almost the same with the lat pull down, only in this variation you hold the stick more to the inside like the picture above. do in 4 sets and 1 set to 12x, and everyone adds load on each set his priority process is not the quantity of the load.


Bent-Over Row the next variation after the Underhand Cable Pull Down this exercise is quite tiring but try to keep your motivation and focus on this exercise,how to practice it is you stand and your knees bent like in the picture,then the straight right hand down, while holding the stick, then pull towards the back of the, do increments and 1 set rest 60 in 3 sets and 1 set to 10x.


Seated Cable Row variations next in the train of the wings and the back, for variations of this exercise, it is important to remain seated in the legs bent like in the picture and the back upright, and when you pull or push, try back you do not follow the impulse. do in 4 sets and 1 set to 12x, increasing the load on each set, lower count in 1 set.


the Middle Bar Exercise T-Bar Row, this exercise included in the workout is important when you train the back muscles, how to perform this exercise, which is the body and legs in a state of in bend as in the picture above,then hand straight down while holding the stick then you pull up right in front of your chest,do it over and over in 3 sets and 1 set of 10-12x.


One Arm Dumbell Row, the next exercise is an exercise dumbell after exercise stick,exercise is also a variation of the combination from the previous exercise,this exercise is fairly easy in practice ,the way you put it on the forebody and the right leg at the bend in the chair if you pull the dumbell from the hands of the left and vice versa, keep the back straight and not hunched,and your gaze fixed straight ahead then pull back and down the right like the example above, doing it over and over in 4 sets and 1 set to 12x.

a Deadlift With Dumbell,exercises last variation on the post I this time is one of several exercises back other,this exercise is enough to make your back sore if it’s your first time to try to use a dumbell that weighs according to your ability,the way to do it is to first stand up and legs open wide with your shoulders, then the hands straight while holding the dumbell, the views straight ahead, lower your body, but try not the hands you play, but the body and back you are attractive to the top when standing. do in 4 sets and 1setnya 12x.
Good luck and Greetings Super Muscle !