Climbing is very fun. But, it will feel very troublesome when the legs or members of the body of the other affected by cramps. The pain of a sudden always is a barrier most of the climb. As a result, the journey climbs to be interrupted and it seemed like a waste of time.

Cramps: contraction of the neck muscles, which appear suddenly and cause pain. Cramps can be cured by itself for a few seconds, minutes, or hours, depending on the length of contractions muscle Cramps in the legs that often occurs in mountain climbers themselves caused by dehydration, injury, or muscle fatigue due to walking constantly. Symptoms of cramping is often to attack the climbers, especially beginners who are not familiar with the terrain of the climb. You only need to physical exercise and do certain movements before the climb, it’s how to prevent the cramps that come when climbing

To prevent muscle cramps of the legs, you can get used to physical exercise before climbing the mountain. A simple activity that you can do is by jogging a few rounds of the football field. In addition to can train the muscles of your legs, jogging can also train your breathing when the air is more depleting when climbing. If it turns out you forget to do the prevention of cramps, do this treatment while you feel the symptoms of cramps. unfortunately, if you forgot to do some steps in the prevention of muscle cramps that you should do to minimize the presence of muscle cramps. If it is already taken experiencing muscle cramps, you can try the steps below to resolve it:

Stop the activity of your journey and stretch your muscles your feet

1. Stop the activity of your journey and stretch your muscles your feet

Try not to force your legs to keep going when you feel the symptoms of muscle cramps. Forthwith quit and relax your leg so that the muscles your feet do not feel the pain of that torture due to muscle cramps. the More imposing your feet to running will only make the symptoms of muscle cramps more torture and more heavy to run.

2. Try to sit down, relax, and put your legs higher than the heart organ

one of the causes of muscle cramps is the presence of disorders of blood circulation due to constriction of the muscles. By putting the legs higher than the heart can help you to stabilize blood circulation in your feet.

3. Pull the big toe you in the direction of the body, let the muscles of your legs could come back stretchable

Don’t over-do this step. Do it slowly so that the leg muscles do not injury. Enlist the help of a friend to climb you if you have trouble doing it yourself.

4. Massage of the calf or part of the body you feel the cramps slowly

If you already finished the third of these steps, next you can massage your feet slowly and carefully. In this step, you will go back and forth experiencing the symptoms of cramps. Repeat the second step, the third and fourth current symptoms cramps re-appear.

Try to stay relaxed, do not immediately decide to continue the journey before you, so completely eliminate the cramps you. Because it is certain you will experience the cramps again when you force your legs to walk again,

5. Drink enough water, don’t let dehydration makes the blood return affect the performance of the muscles you

in Addition to muscle fatigue, dehydration is a cause of most absolute constriction of the muscles you. Don’t ever forget to always drink when you feel thirsty.┬áBut remember, do not be too drink a lot of water because of most drinking yes! You should be economical of water up to the top.

Although cramping is a trivial thing, in fact, her pain was excruciating. Do not until you don’t know how to handle it. Certainly, you must do the prevention of cramps before the climb. Affairs later exposed to cramps or not, at least you already tried to minimize it.