lay People or first-time gym will definitely lack knowledge will be the name, function and how to use them. That’s what makes some people so reluctant to go to the gym. There are a lot of tools in place fully-equipped the gym with its function is to isolate several muscles specific and below we will explain whatever tools are useful to train the parts of Your body or train the leg muscles.

1. Static Bicycle

the Static bicycle or static bicycle is a tool of indoor cycling that is useful to train the leg muscles. In addition, this tool is also included in the activities of cardio exercise which is able to burn fat. In this tool, we can adjust the speed and pressure of pedaling with the willingness and ability of us.

Elliptical Machine

2. Elliptical Machine

this Machine is a depiction of how the way we walk. This tool will train the leg muscles that we use for walking but with the added pressure the load must be carried out in more than running in general.

3. Barbell

the Barbell is iron with a length of 1.2 to 2.1 meters installed load or weight pilates each end. This exercise is performed by lifting a barbell on both hands. The Barbell used in a big race like the olympics has different lengths, namely 2.1 meters with a weight of 20 kg. The Barbell of this type is able to withstand weight up to 363 kg even there that can be reached 454 kg. Motion exercises to train the leg muscles with the use of this tool is the movement of squat or so-called barbell the squat.

4. Dumbbell

Dumbell a barbell with a size that is short, namely about 10 to 15 inches. This tool is a tool that most flexible of all fitness equipment is there, why? because with this tool, You can train all the muscles of the large and small muscles You one of them is the leg muscles. The movement of the Goblet Squat is one movement trains the muscles of the legs by utilizing a dumbbell.

5. Hyper Extension Bench

Besides being able to train your back muscles, practice with the use of this tool will be able to train the leg muscles, hamstring muscles and glute You. In some fitness center even provides a hyperextension bench that can be used to perform motion sit-ups to train the abdominal muscles.

6. Leg Press Machine

Usually, this tool is made to perform the movement leg press useful in forming the calf muscles and thighs. This tool will enable us in increasing the level of difficulty in practicing the leg press with how to add the load.

7. Squat Hack Machine

Tools of the squat hack machine will be useful for You who really want to train the muscles of the thigh. Exercises performed on this tool as do the motion of the squat but with the extra load so the challenge is to do motion squats became heavier.

8. Leg Extention

There are two types of exercises that can be utilized with the use of this tool, namely exercise leg extention, and also leg press. The formation of the front thigh muscles and thigh muscles your back will be felt more quickly when using this tool.

9. Skipping rope

skipping Rope into a tool that can be done anywhere, anytime. This tool will be able to increase the muscle strength of the feet as well as the health of the heart and lungs. This tool can also be used as an alternative sport karadio other for You who do not like to run.