Four Forms of Exercise the Leg Muscles You Need to Know – the Foot is one part of the body that serves as a buffer upper body. In addition to consists of a set of structure of the primary bone (thigh bone, shin bone, knee bones, bone calf, bone of the base of the foot, the bones of the soles of the feet), or commonly referred to as the limbs, the leg section also consists of a number of muscle tissue, from the muscle tissue of the thighs, calf muscles, and muscles of the soles of the feet. The two main components of the compiler of this foot each have their own role. Bone as the main buffer, and the muscle as forming and simultaneously fastening the bone. Because then, the exercise load is required, in addition as the effort to form the muscles of the legs is stout, as well as exercises to maintain bone strength.

Here are Four forms of exercise leg muscles commonly done, especially among the fitness mania to keep and train the muscle strength of the foot:

1. Exercise the Thigh Muscles using the tool Leg Press Machine

The leg press machine is a fitness equipment professional to make use of the load (iron plate) as a means to produce a power of contraction in the muscles of the legs. With the position of exercise is performed by sitting on the bench, and then lift the load to the top using the foot. The severity of the load can be set according to ability. Different variations can be done in this exercise to get optimum results in the muscles of the other leg is. This tool is useful to enhance the development of the muscles, especially the muscles of the thigh.

Exercise the Calf Muscles with the technique Squad

2. Exercise the Calf Muscles with the technique Squad

The squad is the position of the tiptoe squat, and sometimes while jumping. In the world of fitness, practice squad commonly did to train the muscles of the legs, especially around the area of thighs, hips, and buttocks, as well as strengthening the bones, ligaments, and insertion of the tendons throughout the lower body. Practice squad relying on body weight alone as a training load, and not infrequently with the use of an additional load, or fitness equipment in the form of squad rack, or smith machine.

3. Exercise the Ankles and the Soles of the Feet with the Skipping technique

Jump rope or Skipping is one form of simple exercise that is known a lot of people in general. This exercise can be done anytime and anywhere. Just need a skipping rope and an area that is not too wide (can be done in a terrace house).

Exercise skipping is beneficial to train the muscles of the legs, especially the ankles and soles of the feet. In addition, with the correct exercise technique, by only relying on the ankle part, and is made with a combination of other sports, such as a cardio treadmill or bike, it will help you lose your weight faster.

4. Cardio workout Training

in Addition to exercise-a major exercise over the use of the load, either the load or the load of the weight of his own body, cardio workout training you can do to train the leg muscles thoroughly. Cardio exercises such as treadmill and stationary bike not only to train the heart muscle but also muscles of the legs as the pedestal of its main. A leisurely walk, jog, or sprint you can do using the treadmill, or exercise using a static bike with additional settings load.

in Addition, to strengthen the muscular structure of the legs, a treadmill exercise can also lose weight with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Lose weight with a treadmill can be done by setting the incline to the maximum.