fitness exercise Programs based on biological needs, age, goals, diet, free time someone, etc. There are many factors that affect a person when he decided to build a fitness exercise routine.
Because the determination of the fitness program is very personal, try to pay attention to the following points when you decide to undergo a routine fitness exercise:

Adjust to the situation and conditions

Adjust to the situation and conditions

Consider GOFITers is a Bodybuilder beginner. Able to do the exercise one hour a day, it was amazing. Give a round of applause for yourself!!
If you have a wife or a husband, three children, a dog, two jobs, and have no ART, you’re likely only have 30 minutes, two times a week.

these Conditions are valid.

However, the time commitment that GOFITers have, develop exercise programs that are personalized and efficient it is very important. The phrase simply put like this: “Why spend two hours in the gym when You can get as much as is achieved in 30 minutes, right?”
No longer a secret, weight-bearing exercise is a fitness exercise most to fat burning and more efficiency when carried out.

Select the location of the exercises

where GOFITers will do the exercises? In the gym? At home? In The Garden? Or is there a favorite location of the other what you think is comfortable to practice?
The determination of the location of the exercise needs to consider your condition. The same as in the previous chapter, the location of the practice is often personal. So, you’re more comfortable practicing in the gym than at home. Or could be, a garden is a location that is comfortable and supports your concentration while practicing.
Looking good anytime, its location, select it and adjust with you.
After determining where You want to train, and how much time owned, GOFITers can start using the fitness equipment.

Personalized exercise program

Try to internalize the motto “Simple easy!”
The best exercise is the exercise that really done. Unfortunately, many people create an exercise program that is too complicated. Plus, they create a target trillions of muscles that is very unlikely to be realized by the novice.
Such a method is very laborious, unnecessary, inefficient, and scary. Therefore, simplify!
As a note, if you’re already accustomed to practicing the power of for many years and know what needs to be done, we suggest choosing a routine that is carried out 2-3 times a week.
If you are a beginner, try doing the following exercise regularly:

– Quads (front of legs).
– The buttocks and hamstrings (back of legs).
– Chest, shoulder, and triceps: (“push” muscles).
– Back, biceps, and grip (muscles “pull”).
– The core (stomach and lower back).

the Movement of the compound above would target the formation of too simultaneously in a one-time exercise program. You can build a routine for the whole body with the use of four or five exercises.

Slot drills

the“Set” or can be called a “Slot” is a series of repetitions of exercises performed without stopping. For example, if GOFITers do drop-down accompanied by 10 push-ups right now, that means you’re doing 1 SET of 10 REPETITIONS (or REPS) push-ups.
Need to be underlined, do not think too much about this. Don’t scare yourself with the word “mandatory” do 4 sets or 5 sets. Select one, make a note of how to do it, and feel the result of these movements.
The point is, try doing all the exercises in totality. Combine all the exercises. Make sure 1 program the exercises in the set range of 15-25 (a total of 5 exercises, each with 4 “working sets” is a good start).
Remember, the most important part is the same. You need to understand how the body responded to every movement and how quickly adapt after doing it. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You need this time is routine and effectiveness.