Many are asking how to train reflexes for a goalkeeper. The ability of a goalkeeper is very dependent on the reaction and the reflexes.  As we already know generally that the reaction is one of the skills that must be owned by a goalkeeper.  Like on the menu goalkeeper drills most dominant where we find it difficult to find a menu of exercises that you can do yourself (without other people) because of the exercise of the goalkeeper’s definitely need 1 person to help exercise.  To exercise the reaction of a goalkeeper we can utilize sport as well as the activities of our day-to-day.

Here are 4 easy ways to train reaction include:

Here are 4 easy ways to train reaction include

1. Martial arts

By training, martial arts will train the reaction of the coordination body such as hands and eyes for example. If you join the Tae Kwon Do could even train the strength of the kick.

2. Exercise

With exercising in addition to maintaining the fitness of the body, we can also train your body coordination. For example:

– Tennis or Badminton

– Basketball

3. Play Video Games

Video games can help the coordination body between the eyes with the hands, and the game that I recommendation buat friends it’s Guitar Hero any and selects Expert level bin game Cheat Hyper Speed. Because of the speed in the video games can affect reaction eyes with his hands.

4. Catch

If from the above methods we still have difficulties, then the last way is to do a fetch. Provide the ball (the recommendations of a tennis ball) and stand with the wall with a distance of between 2-3 meters. Then throw and catch the ball (just make sure you throw hard don’t be weak), if it seemed like what was done too static then ask for help to a friend to do this.

There is also a menu of other instincts to train a keeper here, in particular, a goalkeeper futsal. Field futsal a small lead to kick toward the goal is often to happen. This makes it a keeper is always under pressure in every second of it. With the size of a futsal goal, which is low compared to the soccer goal, necessary exercise a certain that a goalkeeper can swiftly banish the shooting-shooting unexpected that made opposed to.  Here are a few pattern exercises to hone reflexes goalkeeper futsal beginners. The former coach of the Team Red-White, Abu Bakr, in detail will explain the pattern of such exercises.

pattern exercise:

1. Exercise Goal Skill

Exercise by bouncing a ball against the wall repeatedly so accustomed themselves to catch the ball. It’s good to involve other players to do the action of throwing the ball to the wall then the reflection caught by the goalkeeper.

2. Balance Exercises

This exercise is relatively easy to do. A goalkeeper standing on one pedestal one foot only. Do in the given time duration and continue to be improved from time to time. 3.

3. Stretching Exercises Muscles

, Periodically a goalkeeper needs to do stretch both legs to the bottom ( the position of the toe to the groin stick on the floor). Do the sit up in that position repeatedly. 4. 4.

4. Exercise Stand By in Front of the Goal