In my post earlier about a balance in the martial arts, I discussed the basic physiology of balance and how to maintain balance during or after we move and/or apply a technique of martial arts. Balance, especially the balance of time and/or after the move, indeed is one of the things that is quite difficult to master in the martial arts. Fortunately, this balance can be trained and improved.

Here are some exercises that can be done to train and improve your balance.

Exercise proprioceptive

Receptors of the proprioceptive contained in the joints, muscles, and skin. Proprioceptive is a ‘sensor’ to know and feel where the ‘layout’ of the hands, arms, feet, or feet without having to see it. Proprioceptive is very important in training the ‘memory’ of the muscles. In the martial arts, proprioceptive trained will make us capable of forming kamae, move kamae, or move without having to see the feet and the soles of our feet and still maintain balance. Some of the yoga poses such as natarajasana, dhruvasana (tree pose), and one leg balance can be used to train the system proprioceptive and beneficial to improve balance.



Stand up straight, lift and bend your left leg back, hold the back of the left foot with the left hand, balance the weight, lift the right hand is aligned with the eye as would be “fly”, hold this position for a few minutes or as much as You can. Also do with the feet only.

Dhruvasana (tree pose)

Stand up straight, put the left foot on the right thigh the inner side, the knee of the left leg pointing to the side, lift and put both palms on the top of the head. Hold this position for a few minutes or as much as You can. Also do with the feet only. To add to the difficulty level You can do this pose while closing Your eyes.

One Leg Balance

Stand up straight, lower the body forward while lifting your left leg straight to the back. Legs, back, and neck form a straight line, straighten your arms forward and put both palms, the view leads to the floor. Hold this position for a few minutes or as much as You can. Also, do with the feet only.

in Addition to the three yoga poses above, You can also do exercises such as the following:

1. Hold a load weighing 0.5-1 kg in each hand, lift the left foot (not too far from the ground or from the right foot, but not to touch). Then do the movement hit towards the top alternating between the right and left hand every 10 times. Without putting Your left foot to the ground to do the movement hit to the side alternating between left and right hands every 10 times, then do the movement hit to the front as much as 10 times for each hand, ending with the hit towards the top again every 10 times. Also, do with the feet only. In addition to train balance, this exercise will also train the strength of Your punch. Remember to always keep your back to stay upright, and bend the little legs of a footstool.
2. Stand with both feet shoulder-width apart. Jump forward and land with the left foot only, hold 2-3 seconds, jump back to the original spot (landed on two feet), do also with the right foot. Jump to the left side and land with your left leg, hold for 2-3 seconds, jump back to the original position, now jump to the right (landing with the right foot), hold 2-3 seconds, then jump back to its original position. The last jump to the back, do alternate between left and right legs. Remember the power of the jump should come from the muscles of the legs and waist and do not bend before the jump.