Calf Muscle is one of the few muscles that are the most difficult to work and built, especially without the fancy equipment at the gym . Drinking water is very important for any exercise. Eating fruits and vegetables will give you the energy You need to work hard. Foods that contain protein such as eggs, meat, fish, nuts and cheese as well as protein supplements that can be added which will increase the growth of your muscles. Remember a healthy body and a strong start in the kitchen, not the workout room.

1. Move Your feet

Move Your feet

Go for walking, jogging and running. You walk around Your neighborhood or even walk/run/ jog in place in Your home. What stressful and making Your legs work. A ladder is a tool that is better (more challenging) when running on top of the flat land becomes too simple and easy. Very important to work a little harder on each exercise. If You repeat the easy steps that are the same , You will not get the results You want .


Okay , technically a bicycle is equipment, but it’s one common to many households. If the climate and weather conditions permit, take your bike out for getting around. This is a great way to target the muscles in Your calves. Another advantage of cycling is that there are many ways to challenge yourself. Replace the wheel gear can increase the intensity of Your exercise bike, also cycling over hills and uneven surfaces such as grass, not the pavement.

3.Calf Raises

To do a Calf Raise, start standing with your feet under Your shoulders, your back straight and your hands at your sides. Then, lift Your heels off the ground so that Your weight is on Your toes. Hold for a few seconds, then release back to the floor. Repeat for twenty or more times, until You can feel the tension pain in Your muscles. That feeling is the feeling of Your muscles tearing and newer, stronger and larger replace them. With each exercise Calf Raises, do a few more sets. This exercise uses Your body as a weight and calves to lift. After You use a little effort to do a lot of Calf Raises with both feet, switch to do Calf Raises with just one leg at a time. Stand next to a wall and lift one leg, lift the heel of the foot until it touches the wall. This is much more difficult because targeting one leg at a time. It is important to train each leg with the same treatment to avoid one calf is more muscular than the other. Over time, Your calves will grow stronger and can do more reps than when You first start. This exercise is the key to build muscles of the calf.

4.Box Jumps

After You have been training leg strength from running, cycling and Calf Raises, it’s time to try Box Jumps. Stand in front of a sturdy box, at a height that can allow You to jump with the effort but not so high because You will be in danger if You fall . On your toes, jump forward to the box with the movement of springlike, then jump back, landing on the toes .Repeat the movement 5-10 times. As with Calf Raises , the more often You do it, the easier it will become and will become necessary to challenge yourself with more reps .

5.Care pain Your muscles

Massage Your calves by slowly and deeply massaging, the fingers and the palm of the hand against Your feet . Use hot pads or cold if necessary . To avoid injury , it’s best to workout 3-5 times a week – not every day.