Although it is easy, running is a potential for a long-term injury as the impact a daily habit. This can be prevented by undergoing a specific analysis. a Habit that is already done someone a long time could form one side of the body becomes more dominant. The condition of the body that has an impact on the position of the body when performing sports activities.

If there is one side that is too dominant, then the body movement will also be less than the maximum. To see it, we need to do tests to be able to immediately train the side of the body that has the power is weak. One of the tests was named running form analysis.

There is the position of the nine parts of the body analyzed in the running form analysis. The first is the foot strike or teen feet. Engineering review must be efficient, do not release the steps too hard because it could result in injury. the Position of the ankle to be the second part assessed. The ankle becomes one of the main joints run. A habit that has lasted a long time walking or running will determine the position of the body outline. The position of the ankle it usually will have an effect on the muscles of the other parts of the body.

Walk into the second part which should be observed, along with hips that became a part of the muscle run the main.

Know Running Form Analysis To Run So More Comfortable

the Torso or body posture while running also analyzed. If there is a wrong position, will make the waist become not comfortable while doing the activity run if it lasts a long time.

Don’t underestimate the swing arm when performing an activity run. About that, the former sprinter mainstay of Indonesia, Suryo Agung Wibowo, has an explanation. He put it in the kitchen Healthy initiated Puma in one of the shopping centers this week.

“the Biomechanics of the body it’s like that. You can try by running with hands tied. Surely the result will be not the maximum,” said the man who holds the best time record 10,17 seconds in the 100 meter men in the event the SEA Games 2015.

the Swing arm, the position of the shoulder, and fist that proportion will make the biomechanics of the body that is optimal to run more efficiently.

One other aspect that should be noted is the position of the head. After all, is analyzed, there is one more inspection that must be done. Scanning the sole of the foot to know its type at once side gets a load of the most weight while doing aktivtas and also the distribution of the load of the body on both feet.

“Run it now can’t just simply run away. With this analysis, then can be determined suitable exercises,” says a Sports Scientist, Janson Postage.

“In principle, it’s body should be balanced. If there are too tight should be slightly loosened. While if there is too weak to be trained,” he added.

In the event of a get healthy this, Puma is also introducing his new shoes, IGNITE Ultimate. Shoes which is an improvement from the previous version is still relying on the comfort of the foam as the excess.

“these shoes are designed for running 5K. The Midsole of these shoes to be featured, the back of the shoe a little higher so that could be a damper that is optimal,” said Jansen.

“Part of the heel of the shoe is also equipped with the anti slip feature, while the cavity in the middle of the outsole this shoe is designed so that its shape corresponds with the shape of the foot. While the 3 layers embedded in the shoe this will make the shoes become easy to heat.”

“With the show get healthy, the Cougars want to provide education about how to run that properly,” he added. (cas/raw)