sexual activity with a partner can be regarded as a fun sport. How not, with no need to go to a certain place and without spending any money, the muscles of the body can be trained while having sex. During the activity of lovemaking, in addition, to train the muscles of the body, You can also increase your heart rate, burn calories, and also reduce the weight. Well, discover sex positions that can simultaneously train the muscles of a man’s body the following, as quoted from the Health Me Up :

1. Doggie Style

Doggie Style

sex Positions doggie style can train the muscles of the hips and core muscles. This is a sex position that is popular and every push that You do with your spouse will be burning calories the body.

2. Standing Up

making love withstanding position is made by lifting the pair and hold it on the wall when You do the penetration. Well, this position not only trains the muscles of the hips and core muscles but also trains the muscles of the arm involving the biceps and triceps. The legs can also be more powerful with sex positions like this.

3. Missionary

sex Positions missionary become a favorite of many couples. Even though it looks simple and easy, however, this position also certainly make You sweating. Style missionary, men can train the muscles of the glutes or buttock muscles and core muscles.

4. Anvil

the Position of the anvil done by the wife lying by emphasizing the weight in the back, while both legs are lifted so as to form an angle of 45 degrees. With this sex position, the husband will train arms and legs while lifting and lowering his body to get deep penetration.

5. Bends

this Position is done by way of a husband standing while facing toward the back of his wife. Then the wife leaned forward allowing her husband to do deep penetration. Sex style it trains the core muscles and the leg muscles.

6. Push Up

sex Style pushes up is similar to missionary. However, in this position, the husband could also train the muscles of the arms and chest. While doing this position, the leg the husband is straight the panhandle as being doing push-ups, then flex your arm and leg muscles in bed with this position.

7. The position of the Scissors

In this position, core muscles and arms more leverage to work. The position of the scissors is a great way to build muscle in the bed.

8. Position Ballet Dancing

This is a variation of fuck while standing. The way to do it is the husband hold the wife’s leg that is circular in the body of the husband. While the husband’s hand holding tightly to the body of his wife. This position seemed to make all the muscles of the bodywork, especially the core muscles and the leg muscles.

9. The position of the Cart

With this position, You can burn up to 100 calories. This position is done by means of a wife’s body facing the floor and both hands holding the weight of his body. While both of his feet are lifted away from the floor with assisted retained by the husband, so it looks the husband was pushing the cart. With this position, the husband trains the leg muscles to hold the body of his wife and also trains the muscles of the core.

10. The position of the Spider or Crab

sex Positions spider or crab is very good to create intimacy during lovemaking. While doing this position, the husband and wife sat face to face, where both their hands focus body respectively at the rear, while the legs of the husband and wife mutually crossed so similar to spiders. A number of arm muscles, including biceps and triceps, trained with the position of fuck this. At the time of the husband do the backward and forward movement, the muscles of his ass also gets a workout.