Said the marathon’s very close relationship with a race long-distance running. When you hear the word marathon, the perception we are living in the 21st century is a race to run. But who would have thought it turns out that marathon has a beginning that is far from the perception we are now. As for the Marathon, the “other” who actually are first is the name for a city in Greece. The Marathon we know now is not separated from the city.

a Legend Not Accurate

a Legend Not Accurate

In 490 bc, the Persians invaded Greece for the first time. This action is the culmination of the vexation of Persia upon the involvement of Greece in the Battle of Ionia. War was inevitable between the Greeks and the Persians. At that time, the Persians came to Greece by way of sailing and anchored in the bay near the town of Marathon. The Greek forces are aware of the plan goes towards Marathon and confront the Persian Forces there. The battle that finally was won by Greece, while the Persians were forced to return to Asia. This event later became known as the Battle of Marathon.

in addition to the battle itself, there is one the other side that is known about such events. That story is a story about a person named the Philippines that ran as far as 225 km from Athens to Sparta to declare war and ask for help. After the battle, the Greek Forces then runs at high speed from Marathon to Athens as far as 40 km to banish the Forces of Persia who sailed back passed Cape Sounion. The story is told by Herodotus, a Greek Historian who later became a legend that accompanies the events of the Battle of Marathon.

However, later in the day, this story becomes jumbled. One other story that becomes confusing is about Phillippides told ran without stopping from Marathon to Athens to proclaim the victory of Greece in the battle. Death Phillippides after preaching the news adds to the misery story about her. This story later became better known as the legend told by Herodotus. But, in fact, the story is first narrated by Plutarkhos in the year 1 BC in his book which quotes the missing manuscript of Herakleides.

Attached to Be the Race

the End of the 19th century decorated with the idea to organize a competition multi-sports event. Greece was chosen as the host to remember the inspiration of the coming of this race, namely the race of a bygone era in Olimpia. When designing the event, the initiators of the search for one event in the past as inspiration, particularly in Greece. The idea finally appeared, a long-distance race inspired by the events of the Battle of Marathon. The idea was presented by Michael Breal and supported by Pierre de Coubertin as the initiator of the modern Olympic games. The long-distance race is finally really become one of the competitions in the modern Olympic games are the first in 1896 in Greece. The selected route is the traditional route Marathon-Athens as the place of occurrence of the event.

Finally, race continues to be included in the Olympic games in the implementation-the implementation of next. The distance agreed upon originally as far as 40km that is tolerated because of the diversity of the venue. However, the distance was changed because of the diversity of the venue. On the implementation in the Uk in 1908, it became the 42,195 km varying with the distance from Windsor Castle to the Stadium at White City. This distance is obtained because when the runners enter the stadium still should plus one lap and finish the race right in front of the King. This distance is then quoted by the International Amateur Athletic Federation in 1921 and became the standard distance for the organization of the marathon until today.

the Popularity of the Marathon as one of the sport cannot be separated from the implementation in each of the Olympic games. Especially when Johnny Hayes American to win the Marathon race in 1908. After that, on his return to America, the marathon race is also held in there. Not much different from when Frank Shorter won the race in 1972 and raises the enthusiasm of the national will run a marathon. The day, the marathon race is the end, a lot held in many cities in the world and be one race that is favored.