Berlin Marathon Weekend


21 Sep Berlin Marathon Weekend

This weekend will see a new marathon world record, no doubt. Kipchoge, Kipsang, and Bekele are all capable however only one will walk away with the WR, it will be a great race. It seems they are all going into Berlin fit, ready, and up for the challenge. It’ll be nice to be on the same start line at least and watch as they disappear into the distance running 4:30 miles.

The Berlin Marathon has been good to me in the past, I love the course, and it provides the best opportunity to run fast. This year it also provides the last chance to get a commonwealth games qualifying standard of 2:14.00. The lure of the Gold Coast is something really special, and I’ll give it my best to run the time, however it won’t be easy. The past 8-12 months I have been struggling with my Achilles, I can still run, still train, but every morning I struggle to walk, and the first few miles of any run/warm up is agony. A few of my training partners can testify to my 9min miles in the morning whilst trying not to laugh at my strange running action! Any time I sit for an extended period of time my Achilles will lock up and I’ll have to gingerly stand and hobble about waiting for the pain/stiffness to disperse.

I think if the commonwealth games wasn’t on the cards I wouldn’t be targeting Berlin and would probably focus elsewhere. Although it does provide the best opportunity to run fast so its full steam ahead and whatever happens, happens. It will not stop me leaving it all out there on Sunday and I’ll walk/hobble away knowing I gave it a go.

Post Berlin I will probably have some time off and get my Achilles right and hopefully go into 2018 with a renewed love for (pain free) running. I still believe there is a 2:09 performance in me and I still have the motivation to achieve this, however with work and a dodgy Achilles it has been a testing last few months. Once my Achilles is fixed, I’m very excited for next year both from a running point of view and a new family member.. Yep, daddy Overall.

Until then, I’m jumping on a plane to rock Berlin!





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