Want to arm muscles quickly formed? For those of You who want to immediately establish the arm muscles, there are many ways that You can apply in the formation of the arm muscles. Not only You should to the gym because it is actually where the arm muscles can be formed. Even You can also raise the muscles of the arms without the tool.

To apply it regularly You can also get an athletic body that is perfect without the need to waste money on a gym. But it will take hard work, discipline, and patience in doing so. Here’s how the proper way to raise the arm muscles without the recommended tool for You. Check these out!

the Proper Way to Raise Muscles of the Arm Without Tools

There are many types of sports that can be Your choice. One of them sports a push up which can become the best alternative and the proper upbringing of the muscles of the arms without the tool. Sports push-ups are useful to train the muscles in the chest area, the shoulders and the triceps muscles of the arm. A lot of people who say that this exercise is at the core of the exercise the formation of muscles which become a major deal for You.

So do You ignore this exercise because this exercise is a way to do push-ups correctly so that You can place the hands on the floor with each foot made parallel with the second hand? Then slowly lower your body until the chest and touch the floor. Keep Your elbows fixed in the area of the side of the body to be able to protect Your shoulders.

the Practice of Bear Crawls

the Practice of Bear Crawls

How to raise the arm muscles without the tool which further is Bear Crawls. Exercise this one starts with the position of the push up where the hands and also the tip of Your feet touch the floor. Take care also that Your back remains in a straight position and then move the right hand and Your left hand to the front so that the left foot touched the hand of Your left.

You can perform this exercise in the same in the left and right with reps the same. Do it slowly so You can feel that the muscles of the hands and feet You experience tightening. Then repeat in a couple of times of repetitions until You feel the effect on Your hands after doing so.

Tricep Dips

In doing sports tricep dips You can start by leaning on the chair then place Your hands on the edge of the seat. You also need to make sure that Your knuckles pointing forward. Bend your legs and then lower your body slowly. So when You are trying to lose body make sure that the elbow of Your arm forms an angle of 90 degrees. Hold in a moment and raise your body back. Repeat this movement.