How to Train Abdominal Muscles – All men certainly want to have an athletic body and sixpack, but how to make our body good?. How to train the abdominal muscles is good, but if not balanced with exercise or exercise enough then useless. By train, the abdominal muscles slowly and regularly can certainly form the abdominal six-pack. To form the abdomen sixpack also to businesses large and heavy, but the effort does not betray the result. We must diligently exercise every day in order to maintain the shape of the abdomen sixpack us.

Well how to train the abdominal muscles that is good and right in order to form the stomach sixpack easily. Indeed how to train your abdominal muscles pretty hard and heavy because if not familiar with the sport and it will be hard. How to train abdominal muscles this can be done at home, because the movement is easy to do. Want to know how to train the abdominal muscles quickly? Consider the following explanation.

What do we need to do to how to train the abdominal muscles?

What do we need to do to how to train the abdominal muscles


With warming up, all the muscles of the body are definitely weak and easy to move. The goal in the warm-up to avoid muscle injury that caused stiff muscles, so we better do a warm-up first. Warm-up movements you can do as you please and not least for 10 minutes.

Crunch Abdominal

this Movement is a movement of lay then the bent knee and then the hand towards the knee. Lift your head like a sit-up with the facing of the knee, do this during the 16x.

Torsional Russia

Sit on the floor with the knee bent and your back tilted to the rear. You can cross the second kai to lock so as not to change the position. Then close the hands and arms away from the body and swing from one side to the other. Do this exercise for 20x.

Hill Climb

We do with the starting position is the push-up, bend your knees towards the chest with the left leg straight, then switch legs in the air and bend your left knee towards the chest with the right leg straight. Do the exercise faster and faster. It strengthens the various muscle groups in the system of cardiovascular. Repeat for 16x.

Touch Heels

Lying on the floor with both legs bent and both hands on the side. A little lift the upper body off the floor and grab the heels with the hands alternately. Repeat this movement for 20x.

Leg Lift

Lie down and put your hands under Your hips for support. Then lift both legs to the top with straight, to form a right angle with the floor. Lower slowly and repeat the movement for 16x.


Take the initial position of the push-up position with the weight of the body rests on the forearms, elbows, and toes. Exercise Plank strengthens the abdominals, back, and shoulders. It is some how to train abdominal muscles with the quick, and easily done in your home without requiring a large space. Some way to train the abdominal muscles it can be used for how to train lower abdominal muscles. So to use how to train the abdominal muscles of the middle part can also use this way. Without the need to spend capital to go to the gym and spend money there.

it is not easy to form abdominal muscles, because sports are hard and heavy. So to form the abdominal muscles is very necessary once a strong determination to build the muscle of the abdomen. Don’t get the determination to form the abdominal muscles is lost, if lost it will be lost also abdominal muscles of the. That is some article can we tell about how to train the abdominal muscles that you can do anywhere. Do not forget to visit because there are a lot of ways and the latest info that You know.