there are no barbells? Not be a problem. These Tips teach You how to do 5 exercises fitness wear this dumbbell can increase the time the muscle as well as the ability of the muscles at home or in the gym.  The key to gaining muscle mass is to choke the movement. When You practice with a dumbbell, it’s not just to make the stimulus to produce muscle mass, but also create functional ability due to the body attempting to stabilize the weight on Your movements.

Here we prepare 5 exercises to wear the dumbbells to raise the muscle, such exercises You can do in the gym or at home

Clean And Press

1. Clean And Press

This exercise will train the muscles of the legs as well as muscles of the glutes, with the exception of the muscles of the hand as the mean of the most main.
Steps to do :

    • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, lift one hand holding a dumbbell, as well as the other hand there next to the body. (see image).
    • Bend your torso to the side with his head looked up to the direction of the hand on top holding a dumbbell
    • Position-2 hand straight, right hand holding the right foot and left hand is raised.
    • Back on the position of the beginning, and switch to the other hand.

2. Arnold Press

If you want to have shoulders great, nobody can conquer the way the Austrian Oak. Arnold press is designed to make the muscles of the shoulder which is great because it expands the range of motion of the press shoulders conventional.
This can involve the posterior shoulder as You push the dumbbell from the front of Your body to the side. Change exercise shoulder common with the Arnold press for at least four weeks to obtain a shoulder which is great.
To do the Arnold press, start with dumbbells in front of Your shoulders with palms facing Your chest. Furthermore, in unison sweep to elbow to the side while you push the dumbbell up behind his head.

3. Dumbbell Bench Press

Make the muscles of the chest must be with a barbell? doesn’t seem to. There are so many kinds to make the muscles of the chest. And one of them ie using a dumbbell, You can also do it at home.
By using dumbbells the load on the right and left will be consists of the wearing of barbells.
To do a dumbbell bench press, prepare two dumbbells with a weight to match Your strength. Sit on a bench or chair in the form of a long without any terms.
Hold 2 dumbbells with palms facing in. Then push the dumbbells up with the full ability, then lower slowly until the bit touches the chest.

4. Biceps and Arm Circles

This exercise can make the menu a habit because of work in all agencies.
Steps to do :

    • Stand with feet bees the width of the hips, and the knees slightly bent
    • Position of the spine or body the upper side of the stick straight.
    • Put the dummbell in 2 hands.
    • Lift the left hand with the elbow bend, similar to the movement of the uppercut in boxing. (see image)
    • Working on to the other hand by way of switch
    • Repeat up to 15-20 reps

Previous entry tutorial exercise, to the extent, reminds that these exercises are enough to make your back pain as well as soreness. If this is your first time trying to deadlift strive to wear dumbell that weighs in at under Your maximum strength.
Working with a stand as well as legs in the open width with the shoulder, and assure straight hands of time holding the dumbell, the views straight ahead, lower your body, but seek not the hand you are pulling the dumbbell, But the body as well as the back that push into the top of the time standing.