in recent years is running back the trend, especially the marathon. In addition to easy and cheap, running can be done anytime and anywhere, by anyone, including pregnant women. the Health of the Moms is very important in pregnancy. Therefore, regular exercise is good for Moms and fetus. However, is it safe if the expectant mother is running?

the Benefits of Running

the Benefits of Running

this is to reduce the risk of health problems during pregnancy. Such as gestational diabetes, premature birth, preeclampsia (high blood pressure induced by pregnancy), have a baby with a birth weight high, and the need for cesarean section. running can also increase brain development of the baby, you know, Moms. In addition, it’s no secret that running can relieve anxiety and make the Moms feel better. Women who exercise during pregnancy are more nimble in doing something. They feel better after giving birth, and their recovery is much faster,” says Erin Dawson, an Ob-Gyn once a runner in Maine.

pay attention to Security

If complications in the pregnancy arise — such as bleeding, problems of the placenta, or preeclampsia — running can be risky. But for pregnancy that Moms live a normal and good, no harm keeps the routine running. Therefore, the run will not cause a miscarriage or hurt the baby.


’the Baby was quite isolated and protected during pregnancy,’ says Dawson.

Moms may begin to sweat more quickly when running, so be sure to drink enough and wear loose Careful on uneven surfaces because the center of gravity of Moms changed. However, it is not necessary to monitor the heart rate.

“If You can talk and feel fine, You can continue,’ said Dawson.

Eat some easily digestible carbohydrates before a run. But give the extra time after eating before running, because digestion may be slowed down in pregnancy. When the Moms finished running, the contents of the back lost energy with the protein and electrolyte.

Marathon, Jog or Sprint?

Launched the website Marathon Training Academy, mothers who exercise during pregnancy produce babies who have blood vessels is healthy to adults and helps to protect against heart disease. A study from the University of Montreal finds, babies of mothers who exercise have more brain develop.this can be obtained from the marathon, jog, or sprint though. All three are safe to do as long as Moms know when to take a break or stop.

Warning when Exercising

it is important to remain alert to signs of problems with health or pregnancy Moms while exercising. Stop running and contact health services if Moms feel dizzy or faint, experience chest pain, contractions, or vaginal bleeding. So, any kind of sport running will be safe for Moms to know when to stop, either to drink or rest. Different mother, different conditions of pregnancy. Therefore, discuss with your doctor about the details of the routine of running Moms live and follow the advice of him. Running while pregnant is safe to do during Moms does not have a specific medical condition that harm. And don’t be too hard on yourself if you are getting tired, yes.